Our 20+ years of experience can help you

no matter what stage your business is in

The Blueprint

The Blueprint is perfect for the entrepreneur who wants to start a business but isn’t sure how to get started. We will help you refine your business ideas and strategies and mold them into a viable business.

We will review what you have, fill in the gaps and help formulate the perfect strategy to bring your business to life.

This service includes business name creation, business registration, and web domain and business email reservation.

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The Foundation

The Foundation is best-suited for entrepreneurs who want to create a solid foundation in their business from the ground up, and are interested in credit building activities right away.

We will help create and validate your business, build your perfect business plan and create 3 credit accounts to establish your business’ credit line.

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VIP CEO In a Day

Our CEO in a Day package is the perfect package for entrepreneurs who are ready to step into their business as the CEO that they are.

This package is a comprehensive service that includes business planning, growth planning, budget planning as well as business creation and registration and establishing 3 credit accounts.

Over the course of 4-5 hours, we will build your business from the ground up.

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Turnkey Dropshipping

Drop shipping is an excellent way for small or start-up businesses and entrepreneurs to get started in eCommerce. We help you do the hard work upfront with business formation & vendor selection, and Shopify website creation.

We’ll also provide you with a guidebook that shows you step by step how to select, ship and promote your products and you’ll receive 4 weeks of support to assist with any issues you encounter.

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In addition to our packages, we also offer several a la carte services to meet your business needs, ranging from business audits to complete business plans.

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Satisfied Customers


Sales Increase

After working with us to start their eCommerce business, SpiffyScrubs more than doubled their sales!


Annual Growth

After just a few consulting sessions, our strategies helped Draya’s Bounce House increase their profits 145% in less than one year!


Social Media Reach

D.A. Mobilewash came to us with a goal of increasing their profits through better online brand visibility. Through our strategies, they were able to increase their social media reach by 150%!

“With their one on one consulting, I was given useful strategies to drive revenue and maintain a professional image to the public. I highly recommend EnrichMe Consulting and her team for your business needs.”

D.A. Mobilewash

“I was unorganized and didn’t know all the appropriate steps to take to get my business started, but once I started working with EnrichMe Consulting, within months I had a fully operational online and mobile company.”

Spiffy Scrubs

“I needed guidance with both of my business ventures and I’m pleased to say that EnrichMe Consulting was a perfect choice. I highly recommend Adrienne and her team for your business needs.”

Draya’s Bounce House

Why Choose EnrichMe?

At EnrichMe, everything we do reflects our commitment to professionalism. You can trust us to handle your business with integrity, honesty, and excellence.

Hiring a consultant to help create and stabilize your business can be a scary venture. At EnrichMe, we are committed to handling your business with prudence. We won’t make any frivolous recommendations. Our strategies are time-tested and help you build your business without excess cost and time.

We provide practical strategies, tools, and recommendations that have been thoroughly tested and vetted. This allows us to stay ahead of the competition and ensures your business increases profits while lowering the costs associated with trial and error.

Let’s take your business from idea to implementation.

Whether you need support in one or multiple areas, we’ll help you get crystal clear on the gaps in your current business and provide the tools and strategies you need to close those gaps and make your business dreams a reality.

“The team at EnrichMe Consulting is amazing. They helped us in every possible way. I had lost hope with my business but Adrienne supported me and got my business on track again. Highly recommended.”

-Tarver Enterprises

Adrienne France

The Business Librarian
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