Dreaming to run your own business?

Owning a lot of ideas in mind, thoughts, and visualizations but having a hard time organizing them? 

I think I know what you need: a BUSINESS PLAN.

A business plan helps every entrepreneur build their dream business. This will serve as a guide going through each stage of starting and managing it. There are various types of business plans and a start-up business plan is one most sought after. Allow me to tell you a little bit about this. 

A Start-up business plan typically includes sections describing the company, the product or the service your business will supply, market evaluations, and your projected management team.

It is also good to have a financial analysis with spreadsheets that describes the financial areas such as income and expenses, profit, and cash flow projections. This will help you bring on investors and making them feel confident that investing in your business is a good choice.

Another type of business plan is a strategic business plan. This provides a high-level view of the company’s goals and how it will achieve them. This type of plan usually includes five elements such as mission, vision, the definition of critical success factors, strategies for achieving objectives, and an implementation schedule. A strategic business plan will allow you to see your business into a bigger picture. 

Now that you know you need a business plan, the next problem that would come to your mind is “How do I make one?”

No need to worry because EnrichMe Consulting is here to help you

create your very own business plan and learn what type of plan fits your business.

Call us or fill up the form to get your FREE Analysis Session today! PLUS here’s the link for your business plan checklist.

Published On: June 24th, 2020 / Categories: Business Consulting, Strategy Consulting /

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