The Challenge

DAndra Antwain’s Mobilewash is their desired service venture working with mobility to offer on-site services. The major concern of they having are how to gain customers and how to create a proper brand value. But they didn’t know how to push it further.

Then, they opt to consult EnrichMe Consulting

Here, they met Adrienne and the team and explained the whole concept. Adrienne, having decades of experience in business formation and consulting understands the situation very quickly and started consulting step by step.


Success Ratio

Every 9 customers out of 10 had success working with us.



Successfully consulted with their noted satisfaction and counting.


Business Services

Offered to cover the large chunk of 360 business consulting.

I had the idea and the know-how for each business but I was totally lost on how to get my business established properly. Thanks to Adrienne and her team.

D.A. Mobilewash

Service Head

The Process

The workflow to solve a particular problem at EnrichMe Consulting is very unique and satisfactory. The initial steps involve a lot of one to one communication to understand each other and the requirement better to establish a good understanding and rapport.

  • Business Requirement
  • Social Media Awareness
  • Social Media Platform Building
  • Business Growth and Customer Followup

Team working


After having a series of sessions, they achieved a good brand reckon and activity to get good numbers of an on-site customers. Social media really helped them to be known in the industry.

A happy entreprenuer!

With their one on one consulting, I was given useful strategies to drive revenue and maintain a professional image to the public. I highly recommend EnrichMe Consulting and her team for your business needs.

D.A. Mobilewash

Managing Director

Let’s Make Things Happen

Adrienne France

Business Consulting Expert
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