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I’m Adrienne, The Business Librarian at EnrichMe Consulting

Let’s Steward Your Business to Stand Out & Make Money.

We’re a business consulting firm for beginning entrepreneurs and small business owners like you. Our job is to help you develop your business from an idea to implementation in a way that cuts through the noise and gets you the massive results and growth you’ve been waiting for.

Imagine having a partner who has been where you are, understands where you’re going, and can give you the exact roadmap you need to get there. That’s what we do.

We leverage our background and knowledge in business planning and formation, credit, and growth strategies to help refine, build, and structure your business so it stands out and can easily scale.

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Business Planning

A Successful Business Starts with a Great Business Plan

A business plan is the foundation your business is built on. When you plan your business right, you get a clear picture of the business as a whole, and can easily connect the dots between your desired results and the tactics and strategies needed to get you there.

Business planning
Business formation
Business Formation

If Your Business Isn’t Registered, You’re Missing Out

Proper business formation is key….

Many small businesses and solo-entrepreneurs alike took a sudden turn in business due to the 2020 pandemic. They found their business in a state of distress and unable to receive relief funding due to improper or lack of documentation for their business.

EnrichMe Consulting offers an array of business foundational services. Hire us to ensure your business has the vital tools that will position and keep your business in a lucrative revenue space.

Business Credit

Credit: The Lifeline of Your Business

Did you know that your small business can establish its own credit that is totally separate from your personal credit? Many new business owners aren’t aware that their business can qualify for credit or are unsure of where to begin to find these resources. We can help you determine the best way to start building your business’ credit line.

Business Bookkeeping and Tax Preparation

Don’t Stress Over Tax Season!

We provide both bookkeeping and tax preparation services to make sure you are ready for tax season. Our goal is to provide strategies that minimize your tax liability and maximize your eligibility for tax credits.

eCommerce Business

Start Your Own Business in Just a Few Clicks

We will supply everything you need to start your drop shipping business right away, including a ready-to-go-live established website with all the products already filled in and an online order system. You choose the industry and supplier from our network and we’ll handle the heavy lifting to provide you a perfectly packaged eCommerce business that is ready to begin receiving orders.

Adrienne France

CEO Architect

Get Your Business Up and Running with EnrichMe Consulting
Get Your Business Up and Running With EnrichMe Consulting
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“I needed guidance with both of my business ventures and I’m pleased to say that EnrichMe Consulting was a perfect choice. I highly recommend Adrienne and her team for your business needs.”

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“With their one on one consulting, I was given useful strategies to drive revenue and maintain a professional image to the public. I highly recommend EnrichMe Consulting and her team for your business needs.”

D.A. Mobilewash

“I was unorganized and didn’t know all the appropriate steps to take to get my business started, but once I started working with EnrichMe Consulting, within months I had a fully operational online and mobile company.”

Spiffy Scrubs

Let’s Take Your Business From Idea to Implementation.

Whether you need support in one or multiple areas, we’ll help you get crystal clear on the gaps in your current business and provide the tools and strategies you need to close those gaps and make your business dreams a reality.

“The team at EnrichMe Consulting is amazing. They helped us in every possible way. I had lost hope in my business, but Adrienne supported me and helped me get business on track again. Highly recommended.”

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Adrienne France

The Business Librarian
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